Digital District

Initial Spark brand design. Creating a coherent and professional brand for a boutique software development consultancy.


Designer and Developer


December 2019


12 hours

The client

Digital District are a small service design consultancy based in Coventry, UK. They work with clients across a range of industries, primarily in the public sector, for departments such as the Department for Education.

I worked closely with Chris, the founder, who I'd worked with on a previous project. The brief was to reflect a vibrant and unique brand, standing out from other consultancies in the marketplace.

The end result was an identity that was playful, unique but professional.

Initial Spark personalities. Simple, professional, bold and trustworthyInitial Spark logo


I focused on crafting a logo and wordmark that showcased the interconnectedness of Digital District. That was achieved by connecting the stems of each word to create a bridge and fluidity across the wordmark.

The logo itself was designed after, to complement the simple but unique wordmark. The logo was intended to be used across a variety of mediums (as far reaching as on the front of a children's football team jersey) - so needed to retain simplicity but memorability too.


Similar to the logo, the typeface needed to have personality to make it stand out from the familiar sans-serif typefaces used by other consultancies (see: Monsterrat, Work Sans etc).

We opted for Gilroy, which coincidentally is one of my favourite sans-serif typefaces. Campton was chosen as a complement typeface for body copy.

Web design and development

On top of the branding work was the task of translating these guidelines into a simple webpage that Chris could use when speaking with prospective clients visiting the site.

I developed it in Webflow, adding in custom interactions and animations to create an element of simplicity and fun as the user scrolls the page.

I'll be updating this case study with screens and the design process when the build is finished.

The final result is available to be seen at

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Initial Spark

Creating a coherent and professional brand for a boutique software development consultancy.