A collection of books that I've read which have influenced how I think about and perceive design.


Alongside his podcast, this book was one of my 2019 favourites. Massively helpful and surprisingly digestible due to the great storytelling throughout.

Thinking, Fast and Slow

A favourite one to return to every now and then, always learning something new. Fun fact: I first picked this book up when I was an Economist.


I spent months thinking about how to influence to impact rapid judgments a user makes, leading me to psychology and colour theory in particular.

Ruined by Design

Cynical. Angry. And unfortunately, truthful. I consumed this in one sitting. This is the book I give out the most to friends and colleagues.

The Signal and the Noise

This book has a soft spot in my analytical mind. A fascinating insight into the statistics of every day life by the man who predicted Trump.

Creative Confidence

I got this after watching Dave Kelley's TedX talk (I'm a cliché). The read was just about as inspiring, cementing why I wanted to design.

Design for How People Think

The user experience doesn’t happen on the screen, it happens in the mind. I learned some great research techniques to explore user behaviour.

The Design of Everyday Things

A classic. Enough said.

Measuring the User Experience

William Cameron once said "Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted." This book taught me exactly what can be counted, and how.

Art and Illusion

A proper mind-bender. Why is there such a thing as style? What's the problem with abstraction? How does art follow nature?

About Face

Not a book I could read from cover to cover, but massively influential in my interaction design skills. I still refer back to this weekly.

Art Direction for the Web

I've been a fan of Andy Clarke since I got into design. Loads of great UI tips, in particular some funky layouts to play with in my designs.