UX, UI, Product Designer

I’m a User Experience & Product Designer with a background in Management Consulting and a genuine passion for solving problems.

I graduated with a First Class Degree in Economics, then spent time working across a variety of clients and projects as a Management Consultant. The main problem I aimed to solve was driving the user uptake of new products and services, through the design of solutions that reflected the needs of the business and it's users. What I got the most enjoyment from was empathising with users to ensure the solutions I designed were grounded in research from the start.

It was during my time as a Consultant I was first exposed to UX, and since then I’ve not looked back. UX is the perfect partnership between my human-centered problem solving skillset I’ve honed with my past experiences, and my love of design.

Outside of design, you’ll find me adventuring - usually in the great outdoors or in another country (often both). On my most recent trip, I was fortunate enough to travel Central America and South America, spanning 17 countries in total. This experience taught me the importance of learning quickly to adapt quicker to different environments, and allowed me to become a more considered designer through building empathy with users from diverse backgrounds.