A multidisciplinary designer.

I'm a commercially minded designer that cares about social good, research and user needs.


Redesigning the front door

NHS Digital

Interaction design, research & content


Taking a registration flow back to first principles. Redesigning how a user registers for NHS login, a secure way for users to manage their health online.

More work

Initial Spark

Creating a brand for a boutique software development consultancy.

Digital District

Design, development and branding for a small service design consultancy.


I wasn't always a designer.

It was as an economist that I realised the power of design. 

While focusing on social barriers to equality, I found that although access to technology is often the crux to improvements in quality of life. But it means nothing if humans can’t navigate the endless pools of information effectively. 

It’s through creating usable, accessible and beautiful products that I hope to simplify people’s lives, and do my bit for the greater good. 

My journey so far has taken me to work as a UX designer for NHS Digital and the National Careers Service, as well as some branding and web development projects. Along the way, I've run design sprints for 40+ people at Leeds Digital Festival, and I've learnt how to code.

Out of the office you’ll find me outdoors, reading a book, taking photos or exploring a new country (when there's not a pandemic) ✈️

Some extras

Design Sprints
I've facilitated sprints and sprint workshops for organisations such as Leeds Digital Festival and private healthcare providers.

Front-end development
I know HTML, CSS and JS (vanilla & learning React).Here's what I'm upto at the moment.

Workshop facilitation
Solving problems beyond pixels is important to me. I'm as comfortable running workshops as behind the screen.

Business acumen
I've worked as a Business Consultant for clients like ASOS and GlaxoSmithKline, so I understand business needs and balance them with user needs effectively.